Mike Downey
Test Preparation Specialist & Tutor


After 20 years test prepping 2,500 students (average ACT increase 3 points!), I am retiring.

It has been a joy empowering so many students to achieve their academic and test score goals!!!  Wonderful to be thanked every day by students and parents!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mike Downey

(816) 419-1886

E-mail downey_m@yahoo.com

Announcing Retirement:               

Income = $25,000 - $45,000/year (working part time, 15-25 hrs/week).

Average ACT increase for 2,000 students = 3 points.

A great gig for a part-time, full-time or retired educator, parent, college student or recent grad (who scored well on ACT)


ACT/SAT Test Prep Program 
• 8 two-hour sessions.
• Tutor guides and student handouts.
• Workbooks with answers.
• See workshop descriptions (link).

HSPT Prep Program
(High School Placement Test).  
• 6 ninety-minute sessions.
• Tutor guides, workbooks & student    handouts.

One free year AceReader reading improvement online program for 50 students. See AceReader.com (worth $2,000)

20 test prep workbooks & cartoon study guides   (worth $530)

50 Study Guides & Tests for school novels from  BookRags.com (worth $350)

Learning style inventories (visual, auditory, tactile) (intuitive or analytical).

Mr. D's #1 tip, good for 10% increase for all classes, grades 6 - college.

5 math tips to rescue flunking students.

50 excellent handouts for students and parents.

10 hours business mentoring:

Attend ACT workshops conducted by Mike Downey (zoom or in-person)

My website   (MikeDowney.net)   will announce that YOU will continue my tutoring business with a link to your website.  You may use all or parts of my website to easily create or add to your own website.

My emailed letters and texts to 1,000 student & parents (client families) announcing that YOU continue my tutoring business using my tips & materials.

Contact info for families who asked for tutoring during the past year.

How to schedule students, structure workshops, conduct sessions, update parents about student progress, etc....

How to manage and conduct workshops in schools.  Ex. 10 years of test prep at a private grade school, averaging $400 per hour.

How to help students use AceReader to improve reading skills -- the best way to raise scores.

How to get onto school tutoring lists.

How to use Gift Certificates to grow business. (90% parents then booked more sessions.)

How to help students with final exams, big school tests, and essays.

Get income tax deductions for internet & cell phone services, home office, and $4,000 cost of initial business purchase.

Business for Sale: $4,000             

Contact Mike for sample materials and to discuss how YOU can do this rewarding business.