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Test Prep Workshops


See https://facebook.com/downey.test.prep for upcoming workshop dates & times.  A Facebook login is not required to view this page.

Most test prep workshops are 2 hours for $80.  Good for ACT, (P)SAT, HSPT, GRE, GED.... etc.  Most students can prep for entire test in 8 sessions.  Students should start with weak areas -- it's easier to raise a 20 than a 30 on ACT sections.
A workbook will cost $20-35 depending on test.

Call or text 816 419 1886 to book.  Or email  downey_m@yahoo.com

INTAKE   (30 minutes, $20)     For first-time student. Ideally, a parent can attend to help answer 30 questions.  Learn how I help students, cure test anxiety, and assign 2 hours of homework for every 1 hour students see me. 
Bring ACT, (P)SAT, ASPIRE, EXPLORE, and HSPT results, score sheets, booklets, and answer keys. 
A 1.5 or 2-hour tutoring session follows.  INTAKE can also happen by phone or Zoom with a parent & student.

GENERAL TEST TIPS     (2 hours, $80)      What to do weeks before and the night before test.  How to review everything important the night before test.  Twelve things to get ready night before test.   What to eat night before and morning of test.  Six things to do morning of test.  Good and bad candies during test.  How to answer questions and gain 2-3 minutes per section.  Strategies to relax yet stay alert during test.  Seven things to do if you think you don't know an answer.  How to conquer test anxiety.  What 3 things to text Mr. D after test.

INTRO TO AceReader, award-winning reading improvement Internet program.    (90 minutes, $60)   Students receive free login (worth $40).  See my speed reading link and  AceReader.com for more info.  Often paired with INTAKE (30 minutes).  Seventy percent of my students can't read fast enough to comfortably finish test.  Students who complete 2 of 13 AceReader program grade levels increase reading speed 25%.  This means, if it used to take 60 minutes to read a textbook chapter, then it would take only 45 minutes.  If students can only easily finish 3 of 4 ACT reading passages, then they could easily finish all 4.  Students, parents, and Mr. D can view all test results:  minutes on AceReader, reading speeds in words per minute, and comprehension scores.  AceReader, 15 minutes a day, is the #1 way to raise scores.  SIMPLE:  read faster & better, answer more ?'s = higher score.

READING TIPS   (1 hour, $40)    How to find your strongest and weakest of 4 passage types.  Which passages to do first on test to raise score a point or 2. Only 2 kinds of ?'s on test: referring & reasoning.  How to look up answers: main idea, vocabulary, mood, tone, except/not.

READING METHODS      (1 hour, $40)      Which of 5 ways to read a passage (or a textbook) is your best way?   Criteria: speed, how it felt, comprehension score.

SCIENCE I and II     (2 hours, $80)         How to find your strongest and weakest of 3 passage types.  Tips for Data Representation and Research Summaries (Multiple Experiments) passages. How to avoid all the wrong answers that ARE in the data.  Experiments: independent & dependent variables, interpreting charts & trends. 

SCIENCE III      (1 hour, $40)       Conflicting Viewpoints (Fighting Scientists).  No charts to trick students - - just paragraphs about 2 scientists discussing one thing.  Each scientist has a position, evidence, and Scientist 2 usually disagrees with Scientist 1.  Learn how to understand these passages.

MATH I and II      (2 hours, $80)      Write down Mr. D's #1 math tip -- probably good for a 1 point ACT raise and 3% up in ANY math class.  How to solve 90% of all algebra, geometry, and radical problems.  EVERY wrong answer can be gotten using given info, but doing wrong thing with calculator -- how to avoid wrong answers  that ARE in the data.

MATH III    (1 hour, $40)      Slope shortcuts, story problems, probability, bases.

ENGLISH I & II     (2 hours, $80)     Four General English Tips for scientifically selecting correct answer on every question.  5 ways to "dumb down the test."  12 sentences have 2 questions in them (24 of 75 questions = 1/3 of English test) -- how to answer all these more easily.  How to analyze pronouns (5 questions on test).  How to analyze verbs (6 questions on test).

ENGLISH III     (1 hour, $40)     The #1 question on test is wordiness (25 of 75 questions).  #2 is punctuation, mainly commas (14 questions).  #3 is Joining 2 sentences & punctuating lists (8 questions).  How to  add material (3 questions).  Sequence of paragraphs or sentences (3 questions).

SEMESTER STUDY STRATEGY    (1 hour, $40)    How to organize materials, plan a schedule, use study guides, and review a semester's material.  We will use student textbooks, class notes, handouts, returned tests & quizzes, and study guides.

HOW TO WRITE ESSAYS   (3 hours)  Brainstorming, content and structure, good titles, intros, transitions, conclusions.  Proofreading and revising.  Can do this with a student's school assignment.

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